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Why the Roimata Toroa (Tears of an albatross) pattern?

This pattern denotes misadventure, particularly to crops. The pattern comes from tribes that live on the east coast of New Zealand. Pourangahua was a planter of the sweet potato (kumara) and he returned to the sacred land of Hawaiki to get more to plant.

When he returned he was carried back on backs of two albatrosses. After his safe return, Porangahau was supposed to give a prayer of thanks (karakia). But he had missed his wife so much while he was away that when he returned he rushed to see her instead of offering his karakia.

When the albatrosses saw this they began to cry, and then Porangahau remembered his duty to offer a prayer. But because he had said the prayer too late, when the albatrosses returned to Hawaiki, they were attacked by evil spirits.

The god Ruakapanga was very angry to see that his albatrosses were injured when they returned to him. To get revenge he sent insects that ate the sweet potatoes that Porangahau had planted.

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